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Interview: The Apostolic Shift

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The Stone of Help Talks to Apostle Kim A. Davis

by: Sherise Morris

SOH: Please share with our Stone of Help readers what the shift into the apostolic realm means.

AKD: The apostolic realm is the Kingdom realm of authority that God has thrust us into. It is not our rule and reign, but it is the rule and reign of God being ushered into the earth. It is entering through the individuals that are answering the apostolic call to do His kingdom work.

SOH: How does that differ from church as usual?

AKD: Church as usual is doing the work of the church without God being present. This realm is ushering in the very presence of God. Recently, I have been preaching about Jacob’s ladder. In Jacob’s dream, the ladder went from heaven to earth or from earth to heaven and the angels were ascending and descending. When you looked up you could see God. That represented the difference from church as usual. When Jacob awoke he said, “This is the house of God” and that “God was in this place and I did not even know it”.

Church as usual is the absence of God’s presence in what we are doing. But now we are literally going to see God in the midst. In this realm, we are going to see the angels taking the prayers up and bringing the will of God down.

SOH: Because of all of the confusion in the world today … how will this thrust us to the forefront so that the body of Christ is represented correctly in the world?

AKD: That answer will not be real positive to some because it is going to mean that as our presence is acknowledged; it is going to usher in a persecution. Those willing to stand up and usher in what God says will experience the world coming against us. We have to decide if we are going to do the will of God or not, understanding that with doing the will of God we will suffer persecution. Jesus said no man has given up houses, land and all of those things named – WITH persecution. We won’t be celebrated, we will be persecuted … but we are willing to endure!

SOH: Because of the outcome and because of the souls we are going after, the persecution will be worth it. As you have mentioned, a body of believers and a mighty army is rising up. What is one aspect of that work that you would you like to see manifest quickly?

AKD: I would like to see the manifestation of the presence of God being so strong that not only when people come into the church they are saved, healed and prospered; but even as we take the presence of God into the earth, people are saved because of the presence that is in us and on us. In our house, the presence of God resides. And people walking by our house will be saved and delivered because of the territory that God has given us. There will be such a manifestation of the glory of God that we see specific results through the process of what God is doing.

SOH: What vehicles will be most effective for us to use to get that purpose accomplished?

AKD: Back to the basics! The basic vehicles of prayer. The basic vehicles of fasting. The basic vehicles of coming into communion and fellowship with the saints on one accord. Going back, in that sense, to the things that really matter … Jesus: He being crucified and He being resurrected! Those vehicles will usher in this whole apostolic realm.

SOH: So, since not everyone is willing to yield themselves in that way, will we see the changing of the guards?

AKD: ABSOLUTELY! As we have just recently received the revelation that the first shall be last and the last shall be first, there is literally a changing of the guards. It’s not age sensitive, it is sensitive to those who hear the voice of God, accept the assignment and are willing to do what God has said to do. It is not that those who were in place were doing a bad job, but there is an army rising up, taking the challenge and saying “WE’RE READY!”

SOH: Any closing thoughts?

AKD: I will share what I say all the time, “Don’t be moved by what you see, because what you see is trying to mess you up!” All of this AND all of that – the good the bad and the ugly – has brought us to this place. Embrace it. Don’t get stuck on what has happened. Let’s go ahead and move forward in this lights, camera… GREATER!!!

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