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Loving What You Do!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Photograph by Carol Harris

Loving What You Do!

Article from "Stone of Help Magazine"

By: Apostle Kim A. Davis

One thing I am often asked is HOW I manage to do ALL that I do. The answer I give remains consistent – God has graced me to do it! But what I haven’t often told is the secret of why God’s grace rests on me this way. It is because I love what I do!

There are many facets to my life and each one allows me to do what I love in a different way. Plain and simple, I love helping people. I help people every day in whatever opportunity is present. As a parent, I have the incomparable assignment of molding the lives of my children and grandchildren. There is no greater love I could have outside of my love for God. The reward is immeasurable.

The other roles I love are just as significant but in different ways. As a pastor/teacher, I am able to bring people to the revelation knowledge of Christ by leading them through the process of renewal and rejuvenation. For others, I serve as a coach. I share valuable experiences and details from the playbook of life while providing direction and guidance along the way. As a mentor, I enjoy the challenge of helping people bring out the best in themselves. Managing the delicate process of requiring someone to stretch out of his or her comfort zone in order to gain the expected outcome and personal transformation is a momentous accomplishment. Without a doubt, that is what I love most about it.

Loving what I do certainly flows over to my assignment as an apostle. I use great organizational skills to assist various leaders and business owners as they fulfill their individual assignments and as they assist others to do the same. This role is far-reaching but it is certainly centered in love. Love is the guiding force behind my desire to see people happy, healthy and whole. Although my days may be full and my schedule is overwhelmingly busy, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I simply love what I do!

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